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Bushcraft & Primitive Wilderness Skills

Private walkabouts and skills intensives are available for individuals and groups.  Contact us for rates.

Metalsmithing and Knife Making

Private classes in blacksmithing, bladesmithing, and metalsmithing are available in West Covina.  Rates for single students start at $175 per five hour day of instruction with a $20 shop fee for a total of $195 per day.

Additional students may share the class for $95 per additional student per day, up to a maximum of four students.  Private classes for larger groups are also available in Santa Fe Springs.

Personal Self Defense & Martial Arts Training

All living creatures possess inherent ways to defend and protect themselves from outside threats and danger.  Martial arts training is an opportunity for human beings to access and develop their inherent self protection abilities in a way that is fun and healthful.

Private sessions are 60 minutes in length and start at $80 for a single session or $300 for a package of four sessions.  Up to six students may share a private training session at no addidional fees.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

Full refunds, minus $15 administrative fee for single day classes and a $30 admin fee or multi-day classes, are given to registrants who cancel with at least 7 days notice of the event. 


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