Primitive Wilderness Survival 2-Day Intensive

Our ab20140217_145110original ancestors were likely not concerned with the latest and greatest gear or extreme survival checklists as modern media would have it. Instead, “survival” was simply living in harmony with one’s self and the Earth, regardless of circumstance.

Moving away from the man(or woman) vs wild paradigm that separates human beings from nature, we invite students to cultivate the wild human within and connect with the plants, animals, and landscape at a deeper more primal level. In this way, we transform the experience of “surviving” in a hostile environment to one of “connecting” with and enjoying our extended home and family in the wild.

This small group, two day, primitive wilderness survival intensive experience will focus on developing intuitive, wilderness survival instincts for the unexpected short-term (under 72 hours) stay in the wild with minimal gear.

Students are encouraged to experience this course using our recommended primitive minimalist gear list, however anything up to our minimalist stealth camp gear list is acceptable.

This is an intensive class in a relatively remote location without access to
modern amenities.  Students need to be in good physical and mental condition and should be prepared to hike several miles over moderately rugged terrain.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn to read the landscape to find food, water, and safety
  • Build and sleep in an emergency shelter using available materials and environmental features
  • Develop a deeper connection with your intuition and senses without relying on modern technology
  • Learn to build and use a friction fire kit in all weather conditions
  • Know how to identify, harvest, and use wild foods and medicinals
  • Understand the nature of water and how to collect and safely drink it
  • Manage and overcome the fear of the dark and the unknown by developing a connection with nature and learning how to move and work in the dark of night without modern lights and electricity


Class Date: Monday & Tuesday, December 7th, 8th (10:00am Monday – 5:00pm Tuesday), 2015

Location: La Canada – Flintridge

Early Bird Registration (ends 9pm, Dec 1st): …..… $175
Standard Registration …………………….………….……. $195

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*Cancellation & Refund Policies: Full refunds, minus $15 administrative fee for single day classes and a $30 admin fee or multi-day classes, are given to registrants who cancel with at least 7 days notice of the event.

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Cancellation and Refund Policies

A great deal of staff time and expense is invested into the preparation and organization of individual classes. It is difficult and oftentimes impossible to recover costs and/or find a student to replace a cancelled registrant and so our cancellation and refund policies reflect this. Full refunds, minus $15 administrative fee for single day classes and a $30 admin fee for multi-day classes, are given to registrants who cancel with at least 7 days notice of the event. Cancellations made less than 7 days of the event forfeit a refund.


We understand that emergencies and unforeseen circumstances do happen.As such we offer the courtesy of transferring your fees to a different class within six months of the originally scheduled class minus the respective admin fee. For example, a single day $50 workshop cancelled the day before may be transferred to a multi-day $100 workshop the following month. The total balance due would be $60 ($100 multi day – $50 single day transfer + $10 single day admin fee). Cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled class start time and no-shows, forfeit the option of a fee transfer however a 20% off voucher may be given towards your next class of equal value.

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