Apprenticeship Programs



Shamanism 1-Year Mentorship

A fundamentally integral part of human life, we depend on our plant and animal friends for food, medicine, shelter, and regenerating the landscape in ways that we are only beginning to understand.



EarthSky Awakened Warrior

Primitive ceramics have been dated as far back as 30,000 years in the archaeological records. The oldest ceramic pottery has been dated to nearly 10,000 years…



Neo-Aboriginal Wilderness Scout

Life on Earth is inextricably intertwined, far beyond the ability of modern science to comprehend at this time.




Energy Healer

Revisit traditional methods of fitting knife blades that artisans of the past used without modern glues, plastic finishes, and high powered machinery.



EarthSky Protector

Water, a force and powerful healer on its own, has long been coupled with medicinal herbs to repair, balance, and harmonize….



Another Apprenticeship

The Winter Solstice has ubiquitously been acknowledged, by ancient people across the globe, as one of the most significant days of the year.


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