Radio Interview with Jim Robertson ~ WILDERNESS LIVING

In this new episode of Earth Sky People we have the honor of interviewing…  JIM ROBERTSON!!  Jim is a wilderness survival and primitive skills instructor.  He has an impressive background in the healing arts and shares a wealth of knowledge about living from the...

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What is the Matrix?

"What Is The Matrix?" w/Nhan and Victoria Vives Khuong. This is an introduction to the Training Video Series "Unplug from The Matrix" Nhan and Victoria are the co-founders of EarthSky People. Join the Facebook event to be in the...

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Life without Food: To Eat or Not to Eat Pt II

It’s the question that brought you here Last time, in light of the philosophy behind the product Soylent, I posed the question: “Would you voluntarily stop participating in “food” and all its intricacies to, instead, consume a tasteless, synthetic “food substitute” if...

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EarthSky People Project Update January 09, 2015

It’s been some time since our last update and a lot has been happening! Announcing the sixth official EarthSky People meeting on Sunday, January 25th.  Topics may include: Creating a community business and generating income Ongoing discussion and exercises for...

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Q&A with Sacha Stone on Joining NEW EARTH NATION

SATURDAY, JANUARY 3rd, at 10 AM Pacific time!! Use the players below on or after SATURDAY, JANUARY 3rd, at 10 AM Pacific time to watch and/or listen to the Q&A! RADIO SHOW and DOWNLOAD: Q&A with Sacha Stone on Joining NEW EARTH NATION...

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Happy New Year 2015 from EarthSky People

LET'S WAKE UP TOGETHER AND REMEMBER OUR SOVEREIGNTY! Let's stay tuned into this frequency of AWAKENING! 2015 it is!!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!! A classic from Led Zeppelin revamped by Rage Against the Machine for THE MATRIX!

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