The Call of the Wild:

A Journey for Men


What makes a man, a Man?

We live in a time of awesome potential for accomplishment for both the individual and human beings as a whole…and yet…

We also live in a time where purpose and identity have never been more fragile and subject to twisted propaganda and consumerist conditioning.  This is especially true for men as the tribal social structure, that is our nature, has been replaced with a modern culture of sedation through exploitive fiction.

What it means to be a man is largely lost in ambiguity, suppressed into overly feminized memes of masculinity, or
corrupted into unchecked anger and aggression.

What is the Call of the Wild?

The Call of the Wild is a hardwired, built in failsafe embedded in the male psyche.  It becomes active after a failure to be initiated as a man, an occurrence that has become the norm in modern society.  The Call of the Wild is a psychological ache, a spiritual thorn, that drives us (men) to seek kindred spirits, mentors, and experiences to help us understand ourselves and our purpose.

Do you feel the Call of the Wild?

Men feel the call in different ways depending on their individual circumstances. Yet, there is a deep, universal drive that compels us to answer. These driving forces will manifest as persistent, aching, feelings within our psyche:

  • You feel an emptiness despite having a stable relationship and work?
  • You feel a lack of purpose despite having goals and dreams?
  • You feel incomplete and yet are unsure what is missing?
  • You feel that there should be more to life but cannot quite define it.

Answer the Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild program is a journey born of the need to resurrect the elements of tribal culture that fortify the hearts of men. The Call of the Wild ~ Journey for Men will:

  • Welcome you into a Brotherhood to support, inspire, and fight with you
  • Connect you with your archetypal virtues as Warrior, Sage, Lover, and King
  • Facilitate clarity and purpose as a man in a modern world
  • Challenge your Mind and Body with real world self reliance and survival skills
  • Nurture your Spirit with deep nature connection and guided self reflection

The Journey

A year long experiential journey, we will meet once per month for a day to learn ancestral survival skills that have been a part of men’s history for half a million years. We will connect with our primal nature and develop practical self sufficiency and confidence in the outdoors and wilderness.  We will take the opportunity to learn powerful strategies to lead an authentic, rich, and fulfilled life.  We will share stories, reflect, and clarify our roles as men.  We will explore the essential critical dynamic of masculinity in mature men and how to form enriching, synergistic unions with women in harmony with their own essential feminine dynamic.  We will restore the mature, masculine male, as a critical force of human nature, to bring balance to a defunct modern social order.

Tuition Options

Early Bird Pricing (ends 9pm PST January 7th): $888
Standard Pricing: …………………………………………..$997
Six Monthly Installments: ………………………………$197

2018 Call of the Wild Schedule

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