EarthSky People community field trip to Cal-Earth in Hesperia in January, 2015.

It’s been some time since our last update and a lot has been happening!
Announcing the sixth official EarthSky People meeting on Sunday, January 25th.  Topics may include:

  • Creating a community business and generating income
  • Ongoing discussion and exercises for regenerative social dynamics
  • Updates for community projects and events
  • Ongoing development of relations with New Earth Nation
  • Community Fundraising
  • Leadership and communication structure

Our meetings our open to everyone and topics may vary depending on urgency and momentum.  We will be meeting on Sunday, January 25th at 6pm in West Covina.  To RSVP and for more details, visit:

Since our last project update in July of 2014 we have continued to form our core group of EarthSky People Intentional Community members and have had five official group meetings.  Our website and social media channels are being revamped for easier communication and connection with anyone interested in participating.  Look forward to some major changes by February!

We have officially opened an ongoing and public dialogue with New Earth Nation as a powerful step in making available much needed information to individuals living in the United States wanting to take that next critical step in obtaining and protecting personal sovereignty.  Check out the latest video here:

EarthSky People is now making available a variety of classes and workshops designed to facilitate a transition towards a regenerative living paradigm as described in our vision/objectives here:

Check out our calendar of events here:

Looking forward to connecting with you!

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