Introduction to Plant Medicine & Wildcrafting Herbs


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Instructors: Nhan KhuongVictoria Vives Khuong

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  • Location: ONLINE + Los Angeles, CA

Life on Earth is inextricably intertwined, far beyond the ability of modern science to comprehend at this time. Humans share an astounding 25% of genetic material, on average, with plants and there are countless substances that plants produce that act directly and indirectly with human biological systems as though specifically engineered for a precise result.

Herbal-Medicine-workshopOur primitive ancestors may not have had the scientific discoveries and technological advancements that we have today, however their deep nature connection facilitated a level of understanding and the development of an incredibly sophisticated medical lore that directly challenges the common idea that primitive medicine was developed through trial and error alone.

In this class we will explore the relationships that ancient, indigenous people cultivated with plants and herbal medicines, through the physical senses, generational wisdom, experimentation, and shamanic practices.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify medicinal herbs commonly used by the local indigenous people
  • Connect and communicate with plants using ancient Shamanic processes
  • Ethically harvest and process herbs for storage and medicinal preparations
  • Use wild herbal medicines for a variety of situations
  • Modify wildcrafted medicines to better suit specific needs


Location: ONLINE + PLANT WALK in Los Angeles, CA

Instructors: Nhan KhuongVictoria Vives Khuong

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