Jeet Kune Do

Using No Way as Way. Having No Limitation as Limitation.

The Way of the Intercepting Fist

EarthSky People currently offers private Jeet Kune Do instruction only.

Combining weekly or monthly personal training with our comprehensive online video program via, students may effectively learn authentic JKD with a flexible schedule and reasonable rates.

Jeet Kune Do Apprenticeship

The JKD student interested in achieving the highest honor as a certified instructor may inquire about the four year apprenticeship program.

Location: Covina, CA

Private Training Rates
Single Session ………………….$85
Four Session Package .…… $300

Bow Making

The bow has long been a symbol of symbol of the warrior and hunter. The sacred tool of the tribe’s protector and provider. Learn to hand carve your own elegant long bow, designed and tuned to be one with your body and style.

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Arrow Making

Our ancient hunter ancestors relied on their ability to craft and maintain their arrows for survival. Learn how to hand craft and tune arrows for your bow and archery style using primitive methods and materials and more modern, traditional methods.

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Natural Movement

Efficient and effective physical aptitude is essential to archery for both target sport and hunting. Learn to move as a wild human with strength, balance, and grace through any environment with our ReWild fitness program.

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