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INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY MEETING:shamanism-intentional-community

The purpose of this meeting to connect with like minded individuals interested in participating in developing and establishing the EarthSky People intentional community project.

Before attending this meeting, please be sure to read the vision page here:

We will be exchanging ideas about bringing the project to fruition as well taking the first steps to form the intentional community core group that will be living on the community land.

Some topics that will be covered include:

  • Mission and goals
  • Sustainable/regenerative living options
  • Local laws and regulations
  • Community decision making structure
  • Land options
  • Skills and resources

Join us in the foundation of this Intentional Community!


Shamanic-Workshop-2_Discover the outstanding power of a Community in alliance with Spirit!

The Art of Direct Revelation

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice.  A Shaman is one who sees with the heart and has learned how to journey outside of time, through Non Ordinary Reality, in alliance with Spirit and with the purpose to empower, heal, and receive information for the good of the Community.

In this get-together we will:

  • Call in the Helping Spirits
  • Drum/rattle to bring harmony and power to our Circle
  • Chant Shamanic songs
  • Journey for ourselves or a partner
  • Dance our Power Animals
  • Journey for the Earth or for our Community
  • Share and learn from each other
  • Practice Transfiguration to bring profound healing

If you have drums, or rattles, please bring them with you.

Looking forward to meeting with you!

Victoria & Nhan

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