Psychic Reader Certification


Extrasensory Development

  • Automatic Writing & Third Eye Activation
  • The Akashic Records
  • Aura Readings and Aura Healing
  • Pendulum & Life Path Readings
  • Tarot Meanings for Readings
  • Progress into Vocal Channeling and receive your Certification (all other classes in this series are required in order to attend this one)

If time allows, there will also be a FREE optional practice and Channeling Circle.

If one of the dates doesn’t work for you, please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

You can attend individual classes but completion of all sessions is required for certification as well as completion of assignments between sessions.

REIKI Attunements are also known to awaken Psychic abilities.
You can learn about REIKI in the following link:  REIKI>>

Reserve your space for the Spring course:



Regular Price full course…………… $150

Individual Classes……………………. $25
Use this link to register online>>


Contact me if you have any questions.  I look forward to meeting with you for this fascinating journey of self-discovery and expansion of awareness.  So much can be accomplished by learning the proper tools in a group of kindred spirits!




“Blessings, I really enjoyed being around so many gifted spirits who are open to learning and growing by way of spirit. The Third eye exercise & meditation was truly a blessing for grounding, balancing & in-tuning myself with my higher-self.  Through Victoria’s life experiences she has created a safe learning space for those who want to understand their spiritual awakening & spiritual gifts in a more comfortable, safe & enjoyable atmosphere.  I look forward to the next class.  Love, light & blessings” ~ C. Love Jordan
“It was informative and the wealth of information I received can be applied to my practice. This is class is getting better as we progress. I look forward to our next class. I enjoy spending time here. I will always take classes at Reiki Wellbeing, Victoria is very detailed and presents the material in organized pace. I’m so glad to have found her as a teacher. I also like the students in my class, they are all open and nice to be around. See you in the next class. Many Blessings to all.” ~ Cecilia
“My mind has been crowded lately, but I felt like I had a breakthrough at this class. I’m learning to trust myself more and realizing what my gifts are. Thank you!” ~ Saray
“Such a great community . I always get so much out of these classes.” ~ Betty


Watch Victoria Vives Khuong’s Channeling Videos:

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