Rustic, Forged Copper & Fine Silver Ring


Rustic copper ring with a fine silver liner, hand forged in the USA!

This ring is elegant and minimalistic in design, yet bold in character. Crafted using traditional metalsmithing techniques, the outer ring has a richly textured surface created through cold hammer forging following by a forced patina and finished with a light polish and thorough burnishing to bring out the shine and harden the surface.

The primary, outer band is forged from pure copper and lined with an inner band of 99.99% pure silver. The silver and copper are silver brazed for a permanent and durable bond that resists corrosion, unlike pressure fitted liners that are prone to deterioration.

Maximizing comfort, the fine silver liner has lightly chamfered and radiused edges and is polished to a mirror-like finish for smooth feel and stark contrast to the bold exterior

Crafted from sheet silver and copper, this ring will have a fine brazed joint that will appear as a faint silver/grey line on the copper.

Forged to a final thickness of approximately 2mm to 2.2mm, this ring can be ordered in a variety of widths.

Each ring is a unique hand forged creation, made to order and will vary in appearance from the example pictured above.

Note that copper will develop a natural patina over time and your ring will develop a more personalized character depending on your lifestyle. Finished rings are protected with a very light organic beeswax polish that will rub off with use.

Q: What is the Return and Refund Policy?
A: Knives may be returned in their original condition within seven (7) days of delivery for a full refund minus shipping and a 5% restocking fee. Customer is responsible for return shipping.
Q: Do NhaVi Forge products have a warranty?
A: Tools are guaranteed for as long as NhaVi Forge is still producing them and defective tools will be replaced or fixed free of charge. This warranty is void for tools not used as intended and does not cover wear and tear from normal use.
Q: Why do hand made knives cost so much more than factory made?
A: Buying hand made from an artisan is usually more expensive yet so much more meaningful than buying a mass produced item from a corporation. You can find out more in detail here: Pricing a Handmade Knife
Q: Will you teach me how to make knives?
A: Yes! As much as I enjoy making tools, I enjoy sharing the knowldege even more. Students may take group or private classes. Check out the schedule of classes here: Schedule of Classes
Q: Is NhaVi Forge environmentally friendly?
A: NhaVi Forge is a “subsidiary” of and running an Earth conscious operation is a priority. That said, metalsmithing is a relatively resource intensive work and care is taken to minimize waste and maximize a quality for a craft that will last generations. Learn more about our health conscious use of materials.
Q: Do you offer Kydex sheaths with your knives.
A: No. Although we acknowledge the merits of Kydex for knife sheaths, it and similar materials contain PVC which is quite toxic to humans and the environment. Any plastic that is in contact with your skin, such as with a neck knife, has the potential to transfer BPA, Phthalates, and other potentially carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting compounds. We only use naturally processed leathers and never use chemical dyes or finishes. Our Cuir Bouille leather hardening technique will produce the rigidity necessary for an excellent friction fit that rivals any plastic sheath.
Q: Since you do not use plastic and toxic epoxies in your products, will they still be durable?
A: Tools made in the traditional way before the development of plastics and epoxies have proved themselves to last for generations when well cared for. Although the organic parts (leather, wood, fiber) of our tools may not be as hard and resistant as plastics, stabilized materials, and epoxy, they are healthy, natural and feel good. Our tools develop character with age and will last more than a lifetime with a little maintenance.


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