The Great Deception


Food has been a universally central subject across time and space in human history.  Yet, with a subject so important and so critical to human life why is there so much confusion, misinformation, and conflicting belief?

One would think that we would have figured it all out by now, or at least have a really solid grasp on the matter.  I’ve researched and experimented with countless lifestyle, diet, and health models and have generally met with half baked ideas and principles.  There’s something strange going on, and I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist but there are obviously forces at work hell bent on hiding the truth.  This is obvious at the mega corporation level, ie Monsanto and friends, but the deception seems to be far deeper and insidious.

Unveiling the Truth

Over the past two years and especially this past year, since I intensified my deep nature relationship by dedicating most of my waking hours (and all of my non waking hours) to disconnecting from conventional society and reconnecting with nature, I’ve developed sense of clarity that has been missing from most of my adult life.  Through this clarity, I’ve come to a revelation about food that is so deceptively simple, it hurts.  I have discovered the secret, the holy grail of all diets. It’s called, the Heart Centered Zero Bullshit Anti Dogma Critical Thought Diet aka the Holy Grail Diet.

It’s hardcore, I know. It can be tough because we’ve been brainwashed and conditioned to hold onto our bullshit and dogma as though our very lives depended on it.

I know this because I’m on the lifetime recovery program myself.

The Holy Grail Diet

Here’s the quick and dirty of the principles behind the Holy Grail Diet:

  • Heart Centered – the cornerstone of this diet is to approach food from a place openness, sincerity, and connection to ourselves, others, and the Earth.
  • Zero Bullshit – the bane of communication, bullshit is used to confuse and manipulate with irrelevance and untruths. It is to be avoided or squashed at all costs.
  • Anti Dogma – a close relative to bullshit and also to be squashed or avoided. Dogma is as the powers that be say it is. In other words, dogma is a tool used by those wanting to take our free will.
  • Critical Thought – coupled with a heart centered approach, critical thought is the primary tool used to get over ourselves and really dig deep and challenge our status quo.

The Great Quest

questWe are at a crossroads.  A tipping point for the old way of life on Earth and we get to decide if we fall into the abyss or take responsibility of our lives, starting with our relationship with food.

In the spirit of full disclosure, objective investigation, and a focus on the greater good, I’d like to open a discussion to get us thinking about the truth and empower ourselves to look beyond the wasteland of conventional wisdom and fanatic, dogmatic beliefs.

This is the first of a series of posts in which I’ll be investigating some of the more common diets and beliefs revolving around nutrition, health, and sustainable living. Some of the topics may include, GMO’s, vegetarianism, eating animals, veganism, paleo diets, raw food, cooked food, organic food, breatharianism, and many more.

I invite you to join me on this quest for truth.  Please participate, challenge, comment on, add to, and question anything said here. The intention is to share, learn, and discover, in an environment of mutual respect and desire to help one another.


The information in this post is based on my personal experience, opinions, thoughts, and conclusions and are not necessarily shared by EarthSky People.

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