communities1-300x158We have two exciting new gatherings coming up!!

EARTH SKY PEOPLE ~ Intentional Community!  Sunday, November 30, 6:00 PM

SPECIAL Winter Solstice Gathering & Celebration Potluck!!!  Sunday, December 14th, 10:00 AM

Our Intentional Community meeting is for those wanting to form the actual village itself.  The Winter Solstice Celebration, however, welcomes EVERYONE!  You, your family, and friends are invited to join us for an educational, healing, and fun filled day of hands-on workshops and activities focused on connecting with people, nature and regenerative living.

600_401376052Workshops and activities may include:

• Ancestral/Primitive Living Skills

• Energy Healing

• Friction Fire

• Shamanic Drumming Circles

• Yoga, Tai-chi, Qui-Gong and Martial Arts

• Basketry and Netting


• Plant Medicine, Utilitarian Uses & Communication

• Natural Movement

• Song & Dance

• Natural Living Skills

• Healthy Food!

Looking forward to meeting with you!!!

Victoria and Nhan


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