Work-Trade Oportunity

In addition to the scholarship, EarthSky People / Reiki Wellbeing also offers work trade opportunities for practical skills. Work-trade positions are very limited and considered on a first-come-first-served.

Due to the nature of our classes and workshops it is not generally practical for us to accept work trade arrangements for help relating to classes, such as assisting before, during, and after a workshop.  As such, available work for work trade arrangements is not directly related to helping with classes. 

We have basic needs that most facilities would require such as housekeeping, sewing, gardening/landscaping, handyman services, therapeutic services, etc.  Of course, we are also open to other possibilities.

We take work trade relationships very seriously and require that a binding contract be signed by all parties involved.  These contracts are created individually based on the situation and in collaboration with both the students and mentors in the spirit of mutually beneficial partnership.

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